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        Why us?



We have a minimum emergency response time of  30-45 minutes

All our products come with warranty from supplers and a workmenship warranty from us

We have a wide range of security soloutions to suit your needs

We are able to work on a wide range of soloution from CCTV to Access control,boomgates,dvb,dstv,home automation,garage doors,safes,strong rooms,control rooms,fire detection and the list goes on all under one roof. 


We supply the latest technology at the best prices


About us

AZ ELECTRONICS AND LOCKSMITHS was founded in 2018 by our now managing director Sameer Richards who has been in the industry for almost 15 years. He started AZ ELECTRONICS AND LOCKSMITHS on the bases of new technologies emerging all the time and the far long delay of security companies to intergrate these new technologies leaving the market with a gap and South African security systems lagging behide international security standards. We pride ourselves on almost always being first to install and intergrate the latest in security technologies and when it comes to the locksmith side of things you wont find a faster emergency response team thats a promise.